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Links to useful folktale resources

Here are some folktale resources (and related stuff) that I have enjoyed or found useful. If you know a resource that you think belongs on this page, please drop me a few lines.

Online folktale or story collections - A collection of short African stories written by various Nigerian authors. - Three Liberian folk tales from Liberia. - The electronic text of “Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria”, a 1910 book by Elphinstone Dayrell, then district commissioner of the region. - A nice collection of African proverbs, showing both the original language and English translation.

African Storytellers - The website of Reverend Peter E. Adotey Addo, a Ghanaian storyteller and poet who focuses on traditional folktales about Ananse the spider.

Folklore and mythology forums - A fairy tale and folklore discussion forum of the SurLaLune Fairy Tale pages.

African gods - An alphabetical list of African gods. It would have been nice if the list could be grouped by region or peoples because Africa has such a huge assortment of cultures and beliefs. - Like the above link, the articles of African gods are also not categorized. - The wikipedia page on Yoruba mythology provides a list of Yoruba gods – useful to have a list before checking out the first two sites.


Other Resources on African Culture - An organization which seeks to enhance the knowledge of children and adults about African politics, culture, and natural resources. Check out the directory for a list of African storytellers in the Colorado, USA area.

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