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List of Folk Tales

The tortoise and the lizardLizard shows tortoise a hidden cave filled with yams but tortoise gets greedy.
The tortoise goes to a feast in the skyThe tortoise disguises himself as a bird to attend a feast. Then he gets greedy.
The dog hides his motherA "how the tortoise broke his back" folk tale.
How the tortoise became baldThe tortoise used to have hair but lost it all through his own greed.
Ijapa and the medicine soupThe tortoise seeks help from the medicine man for his wife. But greed turns to tragedy.
The tortoise captures the elephantThe tortoise promises to capture the huge elephant. Other hunters have failed.
The creation of the world: A Yoruba mythThe myth of how the world was created according to the Yorubas in West Africa
The tortoise and the drumThe tortoise receives a special drum from the land of spirits.
The Tortoise and the ElephantAnother version of the story where the tortoise captures the elephant.
The Tortoise, the Dog and the FarmerAnother example of the tortoise exhibiting his greed and getting into trouble for it.
The Lost HeirA king dies without an heir. But a heir does exist somewhere deep in the forest.
The three brothers and the pot of porridgeThree traveling brothers spend the night at an old woman's hut, but one of them steals her porridge
The tortoise and the wisdom of the worldThe tortoise collects all the wisdom of the world in a gourd, yet he is not the wisest
How the chimpanzee?s bottom got swollen and redMonkey thinks he can be king of all animals but Tortoise soon puts him in his place.
How the Chipmunk got its stripesThe Chipmunk and Squirrel were once identical. This story tells how the Chipmunk got his stripes
Kiigbo Kiigba and the helpful spirits.A stubborn man disobeys the law and does not stay home when spirits are out
Two sisters and an old manA west African cinderella story - about a girl and her wicked step sister
OluronbiA folk tale about a young woman and a foolish promise she made
Ananse and the pot of wisdomNo one person can have all the wisdom in the world. Story by Rev Peter E Adotey Addo
Kweku Ananse outsmarts himselfKweku Ananse gets greedy and misses out on a longer-term gain
The Tortoise and the Princess who never speaksThe king promised half his kingdom to whoever could make his daugher speak
A bird steals Iyawos babyOne wife comes into wealth and another wife gets greedy.
The farmers son becomes a hunterA farmer and his wife are dismayed when their son decides to become a hunter
The monster who had fireA monster swallows children who come to him in search of fire
How Olomuroro made children thinA singing monster steals food from children
The stolen soup aromaA poor woman eats eba with aroma from her neighbor's egusi soup
Tortoise and the igbakoTortoise is given a magic igbako during famine.
Why mosquitoes buzz in people's earsMosquito tries to woo most beautiful Ear
Tortoise and Hare ? A West African taleTortoise challenges Hare to a race
One man and his precious cowOne man has three sons and a precious cows. But he treasures the cow over his sons.
Article: A review of Magic Cellar, Africa's 1st 3D animation based on folktales. 2006 - 2009
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